Thursday, December 1, 2016

Nonfiction Book Review

A Backpack, a Bear and Eight Crates of Vodka: A Memoir by Lev Golinkin

In a necessary reminder of how bad life was in the former Soviet Union, Lev Golinkin reveals his family's journey to the United States. His parents and sister must adjust to whatever is thrown at them as they escape and arrive in Vienna, Indiana and finally New Jersey. Golinkin was nine then, but as an adult felt compelled to retrace the steps that brought him to the U.S. His intent was to find the people who made his escape possible. And he was able to locate and interact with some of them. It is a well-written, revealing and compelling story told with compassion and honesty. - Iva Freeman

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Resume Help

JobNow offers practical help for your job search, including one-on-one live resume review and practice interviews. Help is available 3PM - 10PM. Log in with your library card and be prepared to upload your resume. Other services include resume templates, interview tips, and job coaching.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

News from Consumer Checkbook

Access Consumers' Checkbook from the Glenview Public Library website with your Glenview library card number or at any computer inside the library building.

Go to the Glenview Public Library website and click on Research 24/7   Enter your library card number when prompted.

Consumers Checkbook Logo

The Winter 2017 issue of Consumers' Checkbook, 
available at Checkbook.orgincludes 
comprehensive ratings on quality, company-by-company 
price comparisons, and advice on service providers in the 
following categories:

and Air-Conditioning Contractors

Replacing your home's heating or cooling equipment costs 
thousands of dollars. So it makes sense to maintain your 
current equipment properly and get good repairs when needed. 
Our evaluations of area heating and air-conditioning 
services for quality and price will help you find a competent contractor.

Spotting the Best Carpet and Rug Cleaners

Having your carpet and rugs periodically cleaned will help 
them last longer and look better. We tell you about the 
different cleaning processes, the pros and cons of hiring 
a professional rather than doing it yourself, how to choose 
a competent company, and what problems just can't be fixed.

Window Installers: Who to Choose for Nice New Views

The right windows can make your home feel light and bright and give it 
 character and charm. But old windows can be drafty, energy-wasteful, 
 difficult to open and close—and can make your house look past its 
prime. We tell you about your options and provide ratings of local installers.

Buying Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

Finding the right place to buy glasses or contact lenses can help you 
see better, look better, and feel better. We rate area vision centers for 
quality and price. 

Flower Power: Ratings of Florists

Because many florists' customers buy a product that is arranged and 
delivered sight unseen, it's no surprise that so many problems exist for 
floral purchases. To help you find one you can trust, we've rated area shops f
or quality and price.


Don't miss our valuable information on basement waterproofers, 
furniture stores, upholsterers, shoe repair shops, watch repair shops, 
and How to Get a Good Deal on a New Car.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cubs Victory Parade Friday

The official celebration of the Chicago Cubs World Series championship will take place on Friday, November 4, starting at 10 AM at Wrigley Field, followed by a victory rally in Grant Park at 12 Noon. Here are the details for the Cubs celebration on Friday morning.

Tech Talk for Non-Techies

Have you heard about Twitter but don't really know what it is? Come to the Monday, November 7 evening workshop for non-techies to see a demonstration and have your questions answered.

If you struggle or have difficulty understanding your device, software or the Internet in general, this workshop is designed as a question and answer session to help you improve your technology skills, knowledge and comfort level.

Join this group of non-expert users at the Tech Talk for Non-Techies hands-on workshop at the Glenview Public Library at 7 PM Monday November 7 in the second floor Technology Lab. New members welcome. Topics vary monthly.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Need an article?

The Glenview Public Library can inter-library loan books from other libraries for you.  But did you know that we can get magazine and journal articles as well?  Whether it is from a magazine, newspaper, or even a scholarly journal, the Reference Desk can help you find that article you are looking for.  We fill out a form, just like requesting a book.   We will ask for the name of the article, when and where it appeared, the author, and other details.  We then send requests to libraries that carry the newspaper or magazine the article you want is in.  If they agree to send a copy, we let you know!  So the next time you are working on a paper, or doing a research project, and there’s that one article you want but can’t find anywhere, keep us in mind.  Maybe we can find it for you!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Medicare Open Enrollment Scams

Medicare scams are a year-round concern, but the coming weeks warrant special attention. Open enrollment runs from October 15 through December 7, and during that time period Medicare beneficiaries can make changes to their health plan and prescription coverage. For identity thieves, it's open season.
Read these tips.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Chicago Tribune Archives

Do you want to see how Illinois voted in the 1860 presidential election?  Are you looking for your great-grandmother’s obituary?  What else was being reported on April 15, 1912?  If you are writing a paper, researching local history, or just interested in what life was like when history was being reported, The Chicago Tribune Archives can provide answers.  These archives contain news stories spanning from 1849 to 1984.  The articles can then be printed out, downloaded as pdfs, or emailed to you to be read later.    The Chicago Tribune Archive is available through our website at the library, or at home with a Glenview Public Library card.