Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Downloadable Media and Players

For answers as to what players work for downloading materials from NetLibrary, consult this list of players tested to work successfully with NetLibrary.

You can also find a list of tested players on the NetLibrary Help pages. The FAQ lists the Compatible Listening Devices that work with NetLibrary. IPods and Zune players are still not compatible with NetLibrary.

Monday, August 4, 2008

SEC About to Allow Release of Corporate Financial Info on Company Blogs

From TechCrunch, on August 1:

For several years, Sun CEO, Jonathan Schwartz has lobbied the SEC to allow disclosure of financial information through corporate blogs. In a landmark announcement, it seems that Mr. Schwartz may indeed get his wish, and with it, a historical decision that could break the age-old shackles that bound businesses to traditional media and distribution channels in order to satisfy full disclosure.

In a speech yesterday, SEC special counsel Kim McManus outlined new guidance the SEC is about to give companies on when they can use their Websites, including blogs, to disclose material information.

TeachingTips.com Useful Reference Sites

Teaching Tips.com, a leading online resource for current teachers, and aspiring education students and student teachers. The site includes a geographic index for teacher certification requirements, and much more.

Beyond Google, Wikipedia and other generic reference sites, the Internet boasts a multitude of search engines, dictionaries, reference desks and databases that have organized and archived information for quick and easy searches. 100-Unbelievably-Useful-Reference-Sites-You've-Never-Hear-Of lists favorite sites, for teachers, students, hypochondriacs, procrastinators, bookworms, sports nuts and more.