Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Recycle Your Christmas Tree

When it's time to dispose of the Christmas tree, think about recycling it. Between January 2 and 31, trees can be brought to these designated collection points for recycling as mulch that will nourish plantings in Glenview parks:
  • Glenview Public Works Service Center, 1333 Shermer Road
  • Johns Park, 2101 Central Road
  • Flick Park, 3600 Glenview Road
  • Cunliff Park, 540 Echo Lane
  • Cole Park, 1031 Kenilworth Ave.
  • Willow Park, 2600 Greenwood Ave.
Residents in single-family homes or duplexes served by Groot can put the trees, wreaths and garlands out with the regular garbage during the month of January. Groot will collect them at no additional charge. 

All ornaments, lights and tinsel should be removed from trees. Do NOT cover the tree with a plastic disposal bag.

And remember, holiday lights can also be recycled. Drop them off in the marked receptacle outside the Public Works Service Center, 1333 Shermer Road, through February 28.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Senior Housing Assistance Program for Glenview

Applications for the 2014 Village's Senior Housing Assistance Program are available at the Village Hall, 1225 Waukegan Road; the Glenview Public Library, 1930 Glenview Road; the Glenview Senior Center, 2400 W. Chestnut Avenue; and, the North Shore Senior Center, 161 Northfield Road, Northfield.

To qualify, you must have lived in Glenview for at least two years and you must be at least 62. Qualifying annual income for a single person must be below $17,235; and for a two-person household it must be below $23,265. Medical expenses, such as insurance premiums and medications, are deducted fro mthe income with verification of the payment.

Completed applications will be accepted at Village Hall between February 3 and 7, 2014. Applicants will be notified by the end of March. Call 847-904-4366 with questions.

Print out your own application by clicking 2014 Senior Housing Assistance Program Application.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New 2014 Tax Brackets

The IRS has updated the 2014 income tax brackets for taxes due in 2015.  This article from Investopedia gives details and the new chart.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Small Business Marketplace (SHOP) Online Application Delay and Enrollment Deadline Extension

"The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has announced that online applications for SHOP Marketplace small group coverage will be delayed for one year. Small employers will still be required to purchase a SHOP plan in order to receive the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit, and can do so through an agent, broker, or insurer that offers SHOP plans.Additionally, HHS announced that the deadline to enroll in SHOP coverage taking effect January 1st has been extended to December 23rd (the same as the new deadline for individual coverage.
Businesses that wish to receive the tax credit must still submit an eligibility application to SHOP, but do not need to do so prior to applying for coverage. Even if the Federal Marketplace later determines that a business was not eligible to enroll through SHOP, the business and its employees will be allowed to keep their plan. HHS is currently updating the application; Get Covered Illinois will share the new application with all Navigator and IPC entities as soon as it is available."
The full HHS announcement is available online

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Traffic Alert - Our Lady Of Guadalupe Celebration at Central and River Roads, December 11-12

The Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration begins at approximately 4 PM, Wednesday, December 11, 2013 and ends with the closing Mass at 7 PM, Thursday night, December 12, 2013.

Des Plaines Police have announced that due to the celebration at Maryville Academy, Central Road at River Road and Wolf Road in Des Plaines will be closed to vehicle traffic beginning at 3 PM, Wednesday, December 11, 2013. Police have advised that River Road traffic in both directions is expected to be backed up continually during this time. All of these intersections will be manned with officers, squads, and barricades.

It is estimated that somewhere between 80,000 & 100,000 persons will be attending the Our Lady of Guadalupe event depending on the weather conditions. There will be limited parking on the Maryville Campus. The off-site parking is at Palwaukee Plaza, St. Emily’s Church (Mt. Prospect), Korean Church (Wolf Rd. & Dursey Ln. Des Plaines), the Northwest Assembly of God (Wolf Rd & Kensington in Mt. Prospect), and at Oakton Community College (Entrance off of Golf Rd.) Shuttle buses will be available to those that park at any of these locations. Motorists should avoid these areas if possible.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Giving Tuesday

Fed up with the commercialism of the season, complete with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and everything in between? You might be pleased to hear about Giving Tuesday.

According to their website, Giving Tuesday is "a campaign to create a national day of giving at the start of the annual holiday season. It celebrates and encourages charitable activities that support non-profit organizations."

If you'd like to research charitable organizations, there are a few great websites to help you. Try Give Well or the Better Business Bureau's information for donors. These sites evaluate different charities, providing you with more information about where your dollars are going. If you're looking to volunteer this holiday season, check out Volunteer Match for opportunities in the community. And of course, we're always just a phone call away at the Reference Desk for all your research needs!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Affordable Care Act Program Wed.,Dec. 4, 7pm at the Glenview Public Library

Questions about the "Affordable Health Care Act" (also known as "the ACA" or "Obamacare") ?
Come to the Glenview Public Library, Wednesday, Dec. 4 at 7pm and get your questions answered by a representative from Rep. Jan Schakowsky's office and Giovanni Gomez from the Governor's office.
Sign up at the Reference Desk in person or by phone. 847-729-7500 Ext. 7700.

Friday, November 29, 2013

NEW Driver's License Facility Open in Des Plaines

Wondering where to go to get that new driver's license? Or need to update your license plate information? A new State of Illinois DMV facility opened on November 20 at 1470 Lee Street in Des Plaines between Oakton Street and Algonquin Road. This full-service Secretary of State office will conduct driving tests, sell vehicle stickers, and process license renewals, organ donor applications, and voter registrations as well as other services.

1470 Lee Street, Des Plaines, IL (between Oakton St. & Algonquin Rd.)
8 am - 5:30 pm Tuesday - Friday
7:30 am - 12:00 pm Saturdays

Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Nonfiction: Coffee, Disasters, and Evolution

Look for these titles in the New Nonfiction collection on the first floor.

 Leading the Starbucks Way: 5 Principles for Connecting with your Customers, Your Products, and Your People, by Joseph A. Michelli. Call Number 658.4092 MIC
Starbucks singlehandedly transformed the ordinary delivery of coffee into a cultural phenomenon--a result of the company's exemplary leadership practices. Joseph Michelli explains that the international success of Starbucks begins with a promise: To inspire and nurture the human spirit--one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time. 
An American Bride in Kabul: A Memoir, by Phyllis Chesler. Call Number 305.42 CHE
In 1961 Chesler, a Jewish-American girl from Brooklyn,embarked on an adventure that has lasted for more than a half-century. When she arrived in Kabul with her Afghan bridegroom, authorities took away her American passport; she was now the property of her husband's family and had no rights of citizenship. Chesler draws upon personal diaries, correspondence and research in this vivid account of what she learned about central Asia and the nature of gender apartheid.
The Dynamics of Disaster, by Susan W. Kieffer. Call Number 363.34 KIE
Humans persist in building centers of civilization in places of past disasters. We believe that our technology will protect us next time. Kieffer argues that only by understanding the dynamics of natural disasters can we begin to institute engineering and policy practices to minimize their impact on our lives.
The Accidental Species: Misunderstandings of Human Evolution, by Henry Gee. Call Number 599.938 GEE
By examining the many features of human beings that have frequently been used to distinguish us from the rest of the animal world, Gee shows that our evolutionary outcome is one possibility among many, one that owes more to chance than to an organized progression to supremacy.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Mulch or Bag Fallen Leaves

The Village of Glenview reminds residents that leaves should not be raked into the street. Instead, compost them, mulch them or bag them as yard waste for pickup by Groot Industries, the Village's contracted landscape waste hauler, or a private landscape hauler.
Leaf piles can cause traffic problems or obstruct drainage if piled in the street. Residences where leaves are found to be deposited on the public street could be ticketed for a violation and fined between $100 to $750 per day.
The Village's street sweeping program is intended to remove only leaves that fall onto the streets to keep them from blocking gutters and sewer drains.
Information regarding bagging leaves and collection by Groot can be found here.  Your cooperation in removing leaves correctly is appreciated.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Nonfiction: Kennedy's Camelot and Smart Retirement

Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet, by John Bradshaw. Call number 636.8 BRA 
A revolutionary new account from one of the leading scientific experts on these little-understood animals. As he did in Dog Sense, Bradshaw combines the most up-to-date research with fascinating case studies to paint a detailed portrait of the domestic cat.
Camelot's Court: Inside the Kennedy White House, by Robert Dallek. Call number 973.922 DAL
Presidential historian Dallek delivers a striking portrait of a leader whose wise resistance to pressure and adherence to principle offers a cautionary tale for our own time.
 The Smart Woman's Guide to Planning for Retirement, by Mary Hunt. Call number 332.024014 HUN
With her signature no-nonsense style, Hunt covers every aspect of retirement planning in language anyone can understand. Whatever stage of retirement planning you're in, whether you're staring it in the face or have decades of working ahead of you, you will find sound advice on everything from savings to Social Security.
Spruce: A Step-by-step Guide to Upholstery and Design, by Amanda Brown. Call number 684.12 BRO
With clear instructions illustrated by more than 900 step-by-step photographs, the five projects included here are designed to teach all of the skills and techniques you need to reupholster any piece of furniture to suit your own taste and style.

Look for these and many more titles in the New Nonfiction collection on the first floor.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Nonfiction: Perfect Pies and Kosher Cooking

Look for these titles and many more in New Nonfiction on the first floor.

Joy of Kosher, by Jamie Geller. Call number 641.5676 GEL

Geller shares more than 100 of her absolute best recipes, each with a creative twist. Gorgeous photos, wine pairings, time-savers, and her guide to sane, no-jitters holiday menus make Joy of Kosher an inspiring resource for kosher cooks who want to add bling to everyday and special menus.

Bargain Fever: How to Shop in a Discounted World, by Mark Ellwood. Call number 640.73 ELL

A spirited look into the world of bargain hunting and how shoppers and sellers try to one-up each other. Coupon junkies and thrift-shop scavengers will see themselves in Ellwood's observant and witty investigation, from the haggling bazaars of Istanbul to Black Friday at a mall in upstate New York. 

Perfect Pies and More: All New Pies, Cookies, Bars, and Cakes from America's Pie-baking Champion, by Michele Stuart. Call number 641.8652 STU

The author of Perfect Pies returns with pies she learned to bake under her grandmother's and mother's watchful eyes, as well as the cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats that became their family tradition. Almond Joy Pie, Key Lime-Blackberry Chiffon Pie, Cannoli Party Dip Pie and more are included. 

One Big Happy Family: Heartwarming Stories of Animals Caring for One Another, by Lisa Rogak.Call number 591.5 ROG

True tales of interspecies adoption, One Big Happy Family tells the stories of animals who have saved the lives of babies from other species and raised them as their own. Read about the border collie and his piglets, the cat and her ducklings, and the orangutan and his lion cubs.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Introduction to Power Point 2010

For those of you who couldn't make it out to our Power Point class last Tuesday (or if you want a refresher), here's a little bit of what we learned:

Did you miss this class and want to take it later? Do you want to take a particular computer class that hasn't been offered yet? Let us know! Depending on interest and staff experience levels, we might be able to offer it!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Company profiles and investment information are available using the Library’s online resources.  Learn how to access this valuable information—from the comfort of your own home.

Classes are held in the Technology Lab. Valid Glenview Public Library card required to register. Participants must be 18 years old. Classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment; registrants will be notified. Register here or call the Reference Desk at 847-729-7500, Ext. 7700.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Decay and Rebirth of Your Local Public Library

There are many interesting images of decaying libraries circulating around the 'net these days, like the one on the left, taken by urban explorer and photographer Martin Gonzalez.

Photographer Brandon Davis took some eye-opening shots of the Mark Twain branch of the Detroit Public Library and posted them on flickr. Water damage, abandoned and damaged books, and ruined furniture fill these images. You can view the collection here.

And if that's too depressing for you (though intriguing and eerily beautiful), there's always this story about a local library setting up shop in a redesigned Wal-Mart. The re-purposed space still has some of the big-box store feel, but you'll probably be surprised by how different it looks.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Nonfiction: Cats, Cooking and Quilts

Look for these titles in the New Nonfiction collection on the first floor.

State of Slim: Fix Your Metabolism and Drop 20 Pounds in 8 Weeks on the Colorado Diet, by James O. Hill. Call number 613.25 HIL

Colorado is the leanest state in the nation, but it's not because of something in the air or the water. It's the perfect interplay among diet, activity, and environment. The Colorado Diet breaks down the elements of this healthy lifestyle and explains how to recreate it anywhere.

The Sensory Child Gets Organized: Proven Systems for Rigid, Anxious, or Distracted Kids, by Carolyn Dalgliesh. Call Number 649.152 DAL

Dalgliesh knows firsthand the struggles parents face in trying to bring out the best in their rigid, anxious, or distracted children. She provides simple, effective solutions that help these kids thrive at home and in their day-to-day activities.

The Big New Yorker Book of CatsCall number 636.8 BIG

This bountiful collection, beautifully illustrated in full color, features articles, fiction, humor, poems, cartoons, cover art, drafts, and drawings from the magazine's archives. Contributors include Margaret Atwood, T. Coraghessan Boyle, Roald Dahl, and many more.

Fix -It and Forget-It New Cookbook: 250 New Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes! by Phyllis Good. Call number 641.5884 GOO

Now the series of cookbooks responsible for getting slow cookers out of cupboards and back onto kitchen counters offers these main dishes: Barbecued Turkey Cutlets, Balsamic-Glazed Pork Ribs, Ginger Pot Roast, Pasta Vanessa, and Chiles Rellenos, just a few of the 250 full-color recipes.

Scraptherapy Plus One! New Patterns to Quilt Through your Stash with Ease, by Joan Ford.Call number 746.46 FOR

Add one new element--a fabric, color, theme, or technique--and breath new life into any tired but beloved fabric collection.

Special Program: Covering the Costs of Long-Term Care

Financial Advisor Roshni Khory and RiverSource Life Insurance Vice President Andrea Hanson will present solutions to help you plan ahead to manage your long-term care costs in retirement, including life insurance with optional riders.  Signature dessert provided by Bravo! Cucina Italiana.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
7-8 PM
Multipurpose Room

Registration required.
Resister here.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Nonfiction: Pancakes, Beer, and Rock & Roll

Look for these titles in the New Nonfiction collection on the first floor, or ask a librarian.

Parenting Your Powerful Child: Bringing an End to the Everyday Battles, by Dr. Kevin Leman. Call number 649.64 LEM

Whether loud and temperamental, quiet and sensitive, or stubborn and manipulative, powerful children can be a challenge. But it doesn't have to be that way. All children need to face the realities of life, and the best place for them to do so is in the safety of their home. By the author of Have a New Kid by Friday.

The Audacity of Hops: The History of America's Craft Beer Revolution, by Tom Acitelli. Call number 641.23 ACI

This entertaining and informative history brims with charming, remarkable stories, which together weave a very American business tale of formidable odds and refreshing success.

Eating on the Wild Side: The Missing Link to Optimum Health, by Jo Robinson. Call number 613.2 ROB

Investigative journalist Robinson reveals the nutritional history of our fruits and vegetables, starting with the wild plants that were central to our original diet, and describing how 400 generations of farmers have unwittingly squandered a host of essential fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life, by Graham Nash. Call number 781.66 NASH

 A candid and riveting autobiography from Graham Nash, the legendary musician and founding member of the iconic bands Crosby, Stills & Nash and The Hollies.

Pancakes: 72 Sweet and Savory Recipes for the Perfect Stack, by Adrianna Adarme. Call number 641.8153

Who doesn't love a pancake? Celebrated in all cultures and made with a variety of ingredients, they are the ultimate comfort food. From the founder of A Cozy Kitchen blog.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

New in Nonfiction

The Illustrated Gettysburg Reader gathers letters, journals, articles and speeches from the people who lived through the Battle of Gettysburg. Tied together with narrative by historian Rod Gragg and illustrated with a wealth of photographs and images, The Illustrated Gettysburg Reader will transport you to the battlefield and immerse you in the emotional intensity of the struggle of brother against brother for the future of the United States. Call number: 973.7349 GRA

This book is surely as close as anyone will ever come to being a fly on the wall of Sun Studios during the spontaneous jam session over half a century ago featuring Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. Million Dollar Quartet is the name given to recordings made on December 4, 1956 in the Sun Record Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. Of the four, only Elvis was a bona fide superstar at the time. This book details the early lives and careers of the quartet. Call number: 781.66 MIL

Kelsey Timmerman set out on a global quest to meet the farmers and fisherman who grow and catch our food, and also worked alongside them: loading lobster boats in Nicaragua, splitting cocoa beans with a machete in Ivory Coast, and hauling tomatoes in Ohio. Where Am I Eating? tells fascinating stories of the farmers and fishermen around the world who produce the food we eat and explains how our habits affect them. Call number: 338.19 TIM

In a powerful and intimate memoir, Jackie Hance shares her story of unbearable loss, darkest despair, and -- slowly, painfully, and miraculously -- her cautious return to hope and love after the death of her three young daughters in a traffic accident. B Hance, J. HAN

Visit the New Nonfiction collection on the first floor to find these titles and many more. Ask a librarian if the book you're looking for isn't on the shelf.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Power Employment Workshop

Tuesday, September 17 • 9:30 AM-1:30 PM
Community Room East • Latecomers will not be seated
Volunteers from Illinois WorkNet provide expert guidance on smart goals, resume and cover letter writing, effective job searching, and interview techniques in this free workshop.  Register here.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Issues and Controversies

Teachers often ask students to write a persuasive essay on a controversial topic.  Or sometimes you just want to investigate the facts to better understand a current issue before you make up your mind.  Facts.com's Issues and Controversies is one of the free to library user subscriptions that the Glenview Public Library offers to visitors and library card holders.  Issues and Controversies offers both the pros and cons of each issue with explanations for researchers and students with facts, statistics and primary source documents from reliable sources.
  • Issues from the headlines, including such topics as the new Obama administration and U.S. Congress, abortion, gun control, health care, tax policy, climate change, Middle East policy, same-sex marriage, affirmative action, and the Supreme Court
  • Thousands of links to key news coverage and other background information, lending context to the discussion
  • Content supporting Common Core, state, and national standards
  • Searchable Reuters® newsfeed, updated hourly
  • Thousands of timelines, primary source documents, and additional resources
  • "By the Numbers," giving statistical overviews of main article topics
  • World Almanac® and Encyclopedia content
  • Citations display in MLA style, with APA guidelines.
Remote access to this electronic resource is available through the Glenview Public Library web site.  

Enter your library card bar code number as your username to be authenticated.  And the best part is that this service is available along with more than 80 other online library resources 24 hours per day from your home, office or school internet connection.  

The Glenview Public Library's collection of electronic journals, ebooks, emagazines, enewspapers, eaudiobooks, and online learning resources exceeds 30,000 titles.  Take advantage of this online resource today by using your library card online at our web site.  If you don't have a library card, get one today!  After you own a library card you will save yourself many trips to the library by accessing our digital collection 24/7.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Pinterest 101

For those of you who attended the Pinterest 101 class (and those who missed it!), here is a link to the presentation:

To see the presentation in a bigger window, follow this link.

Remember, if you need more help on Pinterest, check out their Help Center.

And take a look at a few interesting articles:

What other computer classes would you like to see at the Glenview Public Library?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ESL Via Your Library

Did you know that Mango Languages is available in ESL versions for speakers of 16 foreign languages? Whether you want to practice your spoken English or offer an introductory course for a friend, Mango's engaging, fun process will get users speaking from the first lesson and give them a great tool to practice and improve. The best part? It's all available for free through the Glenview Public Library website: www.glenviewpl.org and you can access it from home using your library card number.

Friday, August 9, 2013

August 9 National Book Lovers Day

 A day for those who love to read.  The Glenview Public Library encourages you to kick back and relax with a great book.  There's no better way to while away the dog days of summer than to get lost in a book.
Nine reasons to love books:

  1. Books make you smarter.  Books are educational, improve your vocabulary, and give you information you might not discover any other way.  Words can lead you to examine the world in new ways by offering ideas and observations that stimulate thought.
  2. You will never read them all.  There are new books published every day and plenty of classics to explore. Books exist on every subject and in every language.  
  3. Books are portable, low cost entertainment.  You can borrow books for free with your library card or purchase inexpensive used books from the Friends of the Glenview Public Library.
  4. Books transport you to wonderful places both real and imagined.  Whether you are reading about a foreign place (Paris, Venice, China), a place not yet explored (Mars, outer space, 20 Leagues Under the Sea), or a place that exists only in the imagination of the author (Hogwarts, Narnia), books take you on adventures. 
  5. Books never say good-bye.  You can read them again and again. Favorites can be enjoyed after many years or reread with each new generation that comes along.
  6. Books are conversation starters.  The best book recommendations come from friends, family, other book readers, and librarians who love to read.  Join one of the library's book discussion groups to connect with other book readers.
  7. Books teach you to be a better person.  By reading the adventures, trials, tribulations and the emotions of heroes and heroines we learn good from bad, right from wrong, and how to live.
  8. Books are non-confrontational.  They wait patiently on the shelf for us to discover them. 
  9. Books can change your life.  Ideas have changed the course of history. Read a good book and pass it along to others.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Affordable Health Care Webinar for Small Business Owners

The Small Business Administration is offering webinars on the Affordable Care Act for small business owners. These free webinars will focus on what the new healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act, means for small businesses. It will focus on both federal and state provisions to help local small business owners understand how the law will affect them. Topics being discussed include:
•Small business tax credits (available to businesses and tax-exempt non-profits)— who’s eligible for them and how to claim them
•Marketplace updates
•Shared responsibility
•Cost containment
•Tools and resources available for small businesses interested in learning more about the law
A question and answer period will follow.
The webinar will be repeated at the following times:
•Thursday, July 25 at 11:00 AM CT
•Thursday, August 1 at 1:00 PM CT
•Thursday, August 8 at 1:00 PM CT
•Thursday, August 15 at 1:00 PM CT
Check this link for registration instructions and information about the presenters:

Thursday, July 18, 2013

BOOKit! Book Discussion

Raised in rough South Side Chicago neighborhoods, Jovan Mosely struggled to steer clear of gangs and dreamed of becoming a lawyer.  Instead he found himself wrongly coerced into confessing to a role in a brutal murder.  A chance meeting with criminal defense attorney Catharine O'Daniel changes his fortunes.
Join us for a discussion of this true story.
Wednesday, July 24
7 PM
Multipurpose Room

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mililary Veterans and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

What do military veterans need to know about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?

If you're enrolled in TRICARE or the Veterans health care program, you're considered covered under the health care law. You don't need to make any changes.

If you are not, you can go to healthcare.gov to learn about other options. If you are required to purchase insurance by January 1, 2014, when the law goes into effect, you may be eligibe for discounted rates.

If your family members are not covered under a Veterans Health Care program, they may be eligible for discounted purchase rates.
Note: the Young Adult coverage options are different under TRICARE. Coverage ends at age 21 or 23 for enrolled students as opposed to age 26 under the Affordable Care Act rules.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Do You Live in Unincorporated Glenview?

Creative Commons image by Stewart Butterfield
Although the public library has some limitations for issuing library cards based on tax bases, there is a great alternative for residents living in unincorporated areas. Any resident can get a library card at their local community college. Oakton Community College allows district residents to access their online databases and to check out three items at a time, including books and DVDs. Even if you have a Glenview Public Library card, you can receive a community college card as well.

For more information, check out this section of Oakton's website.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Featured Database: Morningstar Investment Research Center

Morningstar® Investment Research Center offers Glenview Public Library users real-time access to comprehensive data and independent analysis on thousands of investments, spanning mutual funds, stocks, exchange-traded funds, and closed-end funds.

Morningstar Investment Research Center serves all levels of investors with a range of dynamic tools and thoughtful perspectives to help users make more informed investment decisions.

With an easy-to-use interface and thorough help and education sections, every investor can quickly learn to use Investment Research Center.
Screening tools: Helping investors narrow the field of available stocks and funds
Stock, Fund, and ETF Screeners
Enables patrons to find the best stocks, funds, and ETFs by building screens based on hundreds of financial data points.
Morningstar<span class="registered">®</span> Investment Research Center<img src="../images/SM_12p_black.gif" />
Pre-set Morningstar Screens
Helps patrons identify lists of stocks and funds based on a variety of categories developed by Morningstar analysts.
Morningstar<span class="registered">®</span> Investment Research Center<img src="../images/SM_12p_black.gif" />
Research tools: Providing portfolio analysis, detailed analyst reports, and market data
Portfolio X-Ray®
Gives patrons an insightful analysis of their portfolios, including asset allocation, sector concentration, and how to adjust for better diversification.
Morningstar<span class="registered">®</span> Investment Research Center<img src="../images/SM_12p_black.gif" />
Analyst Reports
Applying extensive research to provide up-to-date analysis on companies and funds, including proprietary data such as fair value estimate and analyst rating.
Morningstar<span class="registered">®</span> Investment Research Center<img src="../images/SM_12p_black.gif" />
Market Data
Provides index, sector, and industry returns along with quarterly industry reports to help investors make meaningful comparisons.
Morningstar<span class="registered">®</span> Investment Research Center<img src="../images/SM_12p_black.gif" />
Articles and Newsletters: Content across a variety of topics including market updates and personal finance along with access to Morningstar publications
Articles and Videos
Keeps patrons updated on industry news, market updates, and top investments while also supplying tips for retirement, college savings, and other personal finance goals.
Morningstar<span class="registered">®</span> Investment Research Center<img src="../images/SM_12p_black.gif" />
Articles and Newsletters
Displaying content across a variety of topics, including market updates and personal finance along with access to Morningstar publications.
Morningstar<span class="registered">®</span> Investment Research Center<img src="../images/SM_12p_black.gif" />
Help and Education
Assistance for librarians and patrons in site navigation, investment terminology, and financial education.
Morningstar<span class="registered">®</span> Investment Research Center<img src="../images/SM_12p_black.gif" />
Guides users through database features using a series of videos or a detailed user’s manual.
Morningstar<span class="registered">®</span> Investment Research Center<img src="../images/SM_12p_black.gif" />
Investing Classroom
Helps new and experienced investors master the skills required to successfully invest.
Morningstar<span class="registered">®</span> Investment Research Center<img src="../images/SM_12p_black.gif" />
Glossary and Methodology
Provides clear, concise definitions of financial terms and explains Morningstar’s proprietary ratings and measures.

Glenview Public Library patrons can access Morningstar Investment Research Center at a library computer or at home, the office or on the go.  Use your GPL library barcode number to login to this free online resource and start learning more about investing today.  If you have questions about how to access this library resource or other Glenview PL databases, please telephone the Reference Desk at 847-729-7500 for more information about the digital collection available to library members only.